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  1. Beanboy
    For the Horde!
  2. StickyFinga
    StickyFinga Nik.
    You like this av better?
    1. Nik.
      Sep 17, 2016
  3. Nik.
    Nik. StickyFinga
    Abend herr Sticky-san.

    Just started a new skype accunt so I can have it on my phone aswell, could you do me a favor and add me into the group again, danke!

    Nickname is: Nik von Hohenburg :)
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    2. StickyFinga
      Hey Nik. Sounds like you're doing better again, which would be great. I haven't been in the Skype group for months, so I'll ask B to do it.
      Jul 28, 2016
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    3. Nik.
      Hey Mate. Thanks for the help, Im back in the game again. :)
      Yeah things have started to get better for me again for the last 4-5 months ago, got a new gf since 3 months ago, changed job a month ago, my cars is still a mess tho, so there is still hope for me lol, how about yourself?
      Jul 29, 2016
  4. Lotec
    Wow, I haven't been here in forever! Hope you all are doing very well :)
  5. ducati996
    yep... i know... had a hard time and did not play on the PC no more nor did i do any modding...

    Everything okay with you?
  6. FlashG
    FlashG ducati996
    wow haven't seen you a while :-)
  7. Nik.
  8. morganou
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  9. nayelikali
  10. cerysarah
  11. isobelzara
  12. ambertiya
  13. StickyFinga
    StickyFinga azo
    Since you're still online, is there any TopGear yet? :D
  14. StickyFinga
    StickyFinga Aztlan
    I posted another Far Cry 3 trailer. It's an extended version of yesterday's teaser so I put in its own topic. If you have a minute, please check if the video works for you because it says [UK] and feel free to add an international/US version if you can find one to the same post so it shows up on the front page :-).
  15. almibisha
    hi everyone
  16. freyalydia
  17. StickyFinga
    StickyFinga Yazu
    Hey Yazu. Az fixed the user album thingie so you should be able to upload pictures to your album. Let me know if there's a problem.
  18. runaask
  19. naorus
    naorus TomWin
    hi im a friend of Nevat afriat he gave me the password and i promiss i wont tell anyone but i cant fined your mods....idk where to download theme plz help
  20. Nevat Afriat
    Nevat Afriat Stew2000
    hey you can help me??